Sustainability Leaders

Nora Livingstone

Day 2
When the CEO and co-founder of Animal Experience International isn't scouting new volunteer missions to help animals around the globe (with all flight footprints balanced with carbon credits of course) she's advocating for BCorps, vegetarians and literally saving puppies.

And why does she want to #savethetoque?

"The devastating droughts, wildfires and super storms we have seen around the world don't just affect people, they affect animals. Rainforests are burning down, icepack is melting, beaches are eroding into the sea. Every single animal on Earth is feeling the affects of climate change but we are the only animals who can do something to stop it. We have not been good stewards of the Earth, but it doesn't mean we never were or never will be again. We have the technology, we have the ability, we have the reasons, we just need the will. Well, here are my motivations: I like having four seasons. I like playing in the snow. I like paddling big water during the spring melt. I like when farmers can actually plant and harvest their crops without fear of drought and then flooding. I like how great my hair looks in a toque. But most importantly, I like my sharing my Earth. I like the abundant diversity of life found in healthy rivers, forests, deserts, icefields, mountains, reefs, oceans, prairies and everywhere in between. Saving the toque, fighting climate change means protecting all life on Earth because climate change affects all life on Earth. This is our opportunity to be real stewards, be real heroes, change the life of EVERY life on the planet- why wouldn't I get involved?"

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More LED options. More savings. More trees.

Founded in 2003 and based out of North York, Ontario, Canada, Turolight has been leading the way in lighting technology since then. They deliver brighter, better, for less to save you more money. And with their latest commitment to plant more trees they hope to be a catalyst to help save the world too.

Animal Experience International

Improving the welfare of animals around the globe

From endangered turtle rehabilitation in Canada to restoring the bat and flying fox populations in east Australia, Animal Experience International (AEI) empowers students, professionals and animal lovers to travel by providing exceptional volunteer adventures on nearly every continent. Learn how this outstanding organization also works diligently to ensure that the air remains clean and abundant for generations of rescued animal and volunteer friends to come.

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Garth Braun

Day 10

"We'd like the actions of Blackbird to be a tipping point for the oil and gas industry"

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